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Basic RP information

Here are some guidelines for posting. Take a moment to read them- won't take too much of your time, promise :D

1. Written First person in the characters own voice. Everything you write here is viewable to all characters. Want a private post? A post viewable to certain characters? Creating one is easy- just use the live journal cut, inserting the appropriate wording in the text area.

<*lj-cut text="Private Entry"*>
I shagged a mudblood today.

<*lj-cut text="Private to Harry Potter"*>
I shagged Granger Rotten last night.

Remove the *'s.

2. To make it easy, all owl letters will go in these journals. Follow the same procedure with the live journal cut.

1. Rp threads are written in Third person only. Don't use asterisks to show emotions or actions (*laughing, walking*). When posting a rp thread please specify the following in the Subject: Location, who the thread is intended for.

Various Examples
Three Broomsticks, Theodore and Draco
Downtown London | Open to Any
Harry at his Flat: Ron, Hermione, Remus

2. Rp logs are two be written in Third person only. Don't use asterisks to show emotions or actions (*laughing, walking*). Once you finished an RP, edit the aim screen name from the conversation and post it up following this format:

[lj-cut with a short summary or teaser quote]

Post anything not having to do with RPing in this journal. You can post links, plot, questions, comments, ideas, aim outtakes, whatever.

When a moderator posts, it's wise to pay attention. When they make warnings, unless they single you out, it pertains to everyone. Ask them questions- it's what they're here for.

Check the icon- tells you which mod posts. The two moderators work as a team- double the agreement, double the yes's for plot theories, ideas, etc.

Sums it up. Miss anything?
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