After Hogwarts Mods (after_mods) wrote in afterhogwartooc,
After Hogwarts Mods

Q & A's

1. Can I play two characters?
'Course you can, mate! Just as long as you keep both journals regularly updated!

2. Can I have a former student/teacher relationship?
'Course you can, mate! Just make it believable- might take lots of rp time but go ahead.

3. Can I give my character any job?
'Course you can, mate! Just as long as it fits your character. But please, muggleborns and Half-bloods are the only ones allowed to get strictly muggle jobs- unless of course you left the wizarding world.

4. Can my character die?
Not unless it's planned, mate.

5. Can I be an original character?
No, sorry.


6. Can my character comment in another character's personal journal?
'Course you can, mate! Just remember you can't comment on a characters journal if they left the wizarding world- gotta wait until they make an interaction thread post, mate.

7. Can my character make a solo rp thread in the afterhogwarts community?
'Course you can, mate! We value solo rp's just as much as the interactive posts! Just remember to be social too.
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